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16 April 2017 @ 11:48 pm
[review] Arashi ni shiyagare 3 hours SP 20170415  
hello! mari is here again xp

today I wanna write my review of arashi ni shiyagare SP, it was a long day with kame and yamapi drama after it!!! I will try to talk about as much as I remember because I lot happen! and of course I will talk about my sakuraiba

in this ep there was kame and yamapi! and here is how arashi looked like in it!

my cutey 5 guys who I love a lot!!!

they started with This is MJ of course! with MJ, kame and Yamapi

I enjoyed it alot!!! and I laughed a lot heheh these 3 was really awesome and MJ was very very COOL and he deserves to win

then we go to Sho's part where he was as always in snow... yep!!!! Elsa sakurai!!! I like that he, himself talked about it in otonoha XD that was super funny!!!

he claimed a snowy mountain with imoto-chan!! waaaa long time I didnt see her with arashi hahaha!

and who was jealous seeing his sho chan being feed from imoto-chan??

yes!!!! Masaki!!!! just look at him

after that there were hoshino gen with ohno!!! these two are amazing together!!!!

aren't they cute together???

they was cute with the dogs!! even the dogs dont really want to play with them XD which I found really funny!!!
and we must not forget the dog who slap ohno on his face!! that was really hurt I am sure!!!

after that it was Nino's part!!!
he played again a sport game! since he is gamer *he actually said game is his main job!!!! funny!! Nino you are very funny XD*

he lost at the end of course XD

 then we go to Masaki!!! he wrote a song layrics about other member!! and he dont sleep much nowadays >< let me hug you MASAKI!!!!!!

then then then Masaki play with harmonica and my heart was crying from LOVE!!!! ahhhhhhhhh *scream* Masaki is SO COOL PLAYING HORMONICA *cry with sho in the corner*

where I can sign up for being that hormonica??? I WANNA BE THAT HORMONICA!!!!! *still crying in the corner with sho*

after that let me talk about the food section!!! it was sooo funny and have sakuraiba!!!!!!

the first to answer correct was Jun sama

then for french frise we have Sho sakuraiiiiiii~~~

then he try it with chesse!!! and collaps XD I can understand you SHO!!!! I love fries with cheese ALSO

oh god!!! the way he eat and enjoy his food!!! and that messy lips can I wipe it for you Sho-sama?? KYAAAAAAA

then Masaki won!!! and here it was totally epic XD!!! the guest got so damn mad because Masaki won and her heel stuck in the floor I laughed with tears when this happen!!!

just look at ohnoiya and the brat NINO OMG OMG it was really funny hahahahaha I am still laugh about it till now!!!

on the other hand Aiba was like: HEY is it okay if I eat??? and the other was busy with the heels XD *roll on my bed laughing again about what happen* I HAVE TO WATCH THIS AGAIN!!!!! *still laughing*

and this lead us to the legendry sakuraiba moment!!!!! YAY

let me have the time to explain my feeling here!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!! when sho collaps he did in the table, but when Aiba collaps he layed to sho's side!! and then Masaki opened his eyes the moment sho touched him >< *me is screaming here* then masaki just countuied eating while layed on Sho's shoulder!!! ahhhhhh my sakuraiba heart is so so HAPPY * I watched this moment a lot since yesterday! sorry I am TRASH YES*

Just how much lovely these two would be???

and not that only!! look what they did next!!

they exchange the dishes!!! since aiba really love fires too^^ and Jun was nice to give aiba his dish also!!! yes! eat more masaki!!! you need that!!!
after that who won?

May brat~~~ ahhhh MY OT3!!!! just look at how masaki look at nino's food XD hahahaha masaki-baby! you just ate XP

but of course Nino shared the food with him hehehe

and at the end rida won and the guest didnt even ate anything hahahahahaha

then we come to the maybe new thing in shiyagare? or is it only for this SP?

they talk about memorizes like how they got into JE!! and how sho was staying a lot in family restaurants to study!! even he memorized the menu

ahhhhhh Nino is such a cutey really!!!!

they talked about bears

seriously!!!! where you will find a 4 adults talking like this about bears and being THAT CUTE??? it is only ARASHI thing!!!! can I hug then ALL??

also they take pics with these machines!!! and who make moment there?

 MY SAKURAIBA!!!!! god... I LOVE THEM SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

and this what they got at the end!!!

what the hell you are doing arashi XD

and you go my review for this awsome SP!!! I guess I need a master post of my reviews if I want to countie doing it^^ I am thinking of make master post of sakuraiba moment in each ep also! to make it easier if someone ask about it later!!! *yes I am trash I know!!!* but this will be so helful really

I dunno when I will make it since tmrw is Zikoku sama day!!!!! aiba said he will be in the TV all the time!!!!! KYAAA~~~ I am afraid I will die tmrw!!! AIBA AIBA!!! MASAKIIIIIIII

okay okay, I am getting crazy here~~ bye bye~
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ezmeerawrezmiera on April 17th, 2017 07:27 am (UTC)
I haven't watch the shiyagare yet so your review really made my day o(≧▽≦)o
sushi4eversushi4ever on April 17th, 2017 04:11 pm (UTC)
I am glad that someone actually like it and find it benefit!!!
ezmeerawrezmiera on April 17th, 2017 05:09 pm (UTC)
Your review really make me look forward to watch this shiyagare ^^
I shall refer to your review as my reference while watching this episode because the sakuraiba feels is strong on this one ❤️💚