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..My name is Mariam .... I am from UAE (United Arab Emirates *Dubai if you don't know) but I am from another city not from Dubai.

I LOVE arashi A LOT ....My ichiban is Sho-kun and Aiba-chan....these two man will kill me one day hehehehehe

love GACKT

Also I am recently in jrock and visual kei I love a lot of bands

I LOVE sakuraiba!!!!!! they are my LIFE~~~~~ and I like ohmiya too..they are very cute together

well, I like also criminal mind, Friends and how I met your mouther
from HIMYM my fav. is barney~~ playing by Neil patrick harris, he is just a ver great talented guy
from CM I like dr.reid, morgen and garce
from friends I love them all
My hobbies is: reading, Writing, designing by photoshop, watching arashi , drama and drawing.

this is my personal, FanArt, fangirling... so you will find here some of my personal life, FanArt drawing and some of my crazy fan girling *sakuraiba* hehehehehehe

I write some sakuraiba Fanfics My sakuraiba fanfiction here
 my twitter, tumblr, FB and other communities you could found them in the side bar


[review + about me] arashi ni shiyagare/ shimura zoo 170429 + blah about me

Good day everyone

so here I am with a quick update, talking and really quick giving my thought about today's shiyagare and shimura zoo

I didnt watched VS arashi yet!!! but it was full of sakuraiba!!!! have to watch it

first of all, let me talk about shiyagare!

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but let's go to the intersting thing!!! masaki wan-chan!! he was cute as always

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this dog is so so lucky!!!! ahhhhh so cute!! he is kissing aiba masaki gozen sama!!!

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so till later~~ maybe tonight XD if I wanna post gifs of MS performance!!!! because it was amazing!!!

[Update] I have a baby between my arms~+sho's new drama+general update about arashi


I am gone for some days~~ yes!!! I am officially a monther for a baby girl^^!!

she is not my own child, she is my sis's baby!!! and I have to be her mom for the next 2 weeks!!! her mom is traveling and she put her in a safe hands with me *I think she did XD*

so I am so tired to post or even watch some arashi shows!! I am trying my best tho!!!

but here what I was doing the last few days^^

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Also finally my single arrived today!!!!

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it is Sho's year!!!!! he is having a new drama in october YAY

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that is it for tonight!!! I hope I didnt forget anything I wanna talk about XD

till later~~

[Review + Jweb + mail] I'll be there songs and the shop photo + kizoku tantei Jweb update


I didnt update yetserday XD someone missed me? no? okay XD

I was in the quest to find the leak links and then I was dying because of I'll be there songs, the PV and the Masaking of it

so let me start because I have a lot to talk about it here!!

note: if it is not my pic you will found the credit on the Pics

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today I wake up and saw the beloved JE shop photo!!

let's have look at them

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by this we finished from the shop photo, woah I am tired it took me long time to finish!!

I got email today also from arashi and they talk about the single and which song each like^^

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the last thing in this post is kizoku tantei Jweb update!!

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woah what a long post with a lot of pics!!! I took more than 2 hours to finish it
but it worth it^^

so if I can make another post today for the PV and making I will if not then tmrw~~

so till then~

[jweb+personal+DVD] Aiba Masaki promotion + DVD release + Profile update

Hallo again~~~

gomen gomen I know that I am updating a lot nowadays! but since I promise myself to write my thought and reviews I am trying to keep my promise!! and since my dear ARASHI and my beloved MASAKI have a lot to talk about! I am active also~~

in this post I will try to talk about my personal feeling and the news and updates from today!!! I got hit by huge STORM today along with my dear kizoku-sama!!!

I will write a prober review on EP1 after the sub be up!!

so share we start the night again?? yes yesss

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today was really a happy happy day for me!! thank you arashi! thank you aiba masaki!! my support for you is never enough!! I was super super down these past days but after today all my negative thought fly far away from you!!! I am so gladful

up next is GIFs from first ep of Kizoku tantei!!

YES god I am posting 3 entries today!!!

but I really dont want to mix the topics a lot, and I guess this post have enough already!

[Review + Jweb] Aiba manabu 1704016 skipjack tuna (katsuo)+update from Kizoku tantei drama+news Zero

good evening\ Morning

the title of this entry is hella LONG!!! sorry!!!

yesterday I watched Aiba manabu and I really enjoyed it a lot and learn new things as always from Masaki!

This Ep was about the skipjack Tuna!! I read about it after watching the ep *YES, I am nerd I know that! I am always a nerd *

He film it in his Chiba~~~ so let's START!!!!!

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that was a good ride throw chef Masaki dose of the week!!

now let's go to my other man! sakurai sho in today's News Zero~~

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NEXT is today's update of kizoku tantei jweb and it have two interesting update!!! let's dig in them!!

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so this is my first update for tonight!!!

Next post will be about my feeling today!! and ARASHI NEWS for today!!!

[Jweb] the official Jweb of kizoku tantei drama

hello again XD since I am trying to catch up with posting what I want to post here! yesterday I post 2 posts and today 2 posts hahah!!!

I dont even know if anyone is looking at what the hell I am posting!! but I want to make it for me!! and orgnize everything if I wanna go back in time in future or sth^^ and I promised myself to me a good fangirl and be active! because I can~~

and believe one day I will not feel that I am talking to mysekf here *laugh*

anyway!!! let me start!!!!

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I am really excited for tmrw!!! I dunno how I will sleep or survive work tmrw!!!!