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17 December 2020 @ 07:10 pm

..My name is Mariam .... I am from UAE (United Arab Emirates *Dubai if you don't know) but I am from another city not from Dubai.

I LOVE arashi A LOT ....My ichiban is Sho-kun and Aiba-chan....these two man will kill me one day hehehehehe

love GACKT

Also I am recently in jrock and visual kei I love a lot of bands

I LOVE sakuraiba!!!!!! they are my LIFE~~~~~ and I like ohmiya too..they are very cute together

well, I like also criminal mind, Friends and how I met your mouther
from HIMYM my fav. is barney~~ playing by Neil patrick harris, he is just a ver great talented guy
from CM I like dr.reid, morgen and garce
from friends I love them all
My hobbies is: reading, Writing, designing by photoshop, watching arashi , drama and drawing.

this is my personal, FanArt, fangirling... so you will find here some of my personal life, FanArt drawing and some of my crazy fan girling *sakuraiba* hehehehehehe

I write some sakuraiba Fanfics My sakuraiba fanfiction here
 my twitter, tumblr, FB and other communities you could found them in the side bar

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so tonight's post would be about the non no with sakuraiba cutting hair to each other^^

did you got a hair cut, Masaki, Sho?Collapse )

So I think this is it for nothing... wanted to put more here, but let make it simple to one topic for now^^
I am thinking to make a sakuraiba emoji for my LJ when I update it or sth! still thinking still^^
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25 October 2015 @ 02:35 am
15-oct-2015 was an amazing day for me, it was full of fangirling and screaming^^

really I am glad to be an arashi fan!! I feel sorry to be up to date of them before.. so me being up to date to Arashi and my beloved sakuraiba started from this date^^

first VS arashiCollapse )

IT was unforgtable day in my life and make me realize how I missed Arashi sooooooo much and it hit me so hard that I really cant life without Arashi or my sakuraiba!!! seriously what I am doing not been with them all the time? I am stupid or what? ^^

in Next post I will talk more about some new Sakuraiba happening here and there and so crazy stuff me and friends * my sakuraiba fan fellow* doing to show our love to them^^

so That it for tonight~~

oh right! before I go for good^^ I am writing a one-shot about this drunk aiba in Abunai yakai~~~ please look forword for my come back fic? youroshiku~~~~

and here a bounes Masaki being Cute calling his Sho chan^^

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18 February 2014 @ 01:13 pm

since I have a sick leave since I have no voice and is forbidden from talking at all, I wanted to update my LJ before my sleeping meds start to work XD


There is a lot of anime and j-dorama that I am watching recently....I want to talk about the one I liked from them and fangirl with myself a lil bit XD *since I am kind of sure I will not get comments or so which kinda make me feel lonely*

Today's anime that I want to talk about is: toaru hikuushi e no koiuta (a pilot's love song)
click for info + my thought- it may have some spoilerCollapse )

so that is it for now, my eyes is getting heavy and need to sleep,

ja ne~~~
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15 February 2014 @ 10:45 pm
so since I am getting in the fandom slowly, I started with watching MS of last night!! well.. it is just a master piece!!! the performance is pure love!!!! everything in it was just PERFECT!!!! really ><'

the clothers, the story line, sakuraibs XD and cute aiba!! just perfect!!!!

here ohno being cute ><'

and here aiba is....well being aiba XD

I loveeeeeed this kind sence also ><'

the bench one was just EPIC!!!

I just really loved everything in it ><''

but here is some aiba and sho bonus *LLOL*

cute aiba

innocent and look pregnant sho XDD

so that is it for now ^^
15 February 2014 @ 08:14 pm
so... here I am again in this place...

I am officially was off from the internet for some time already now... I dunno why... but it make me so depress to be in it... I only talked to my VERY important person^^...

I just felt really really lonely in this fandom *arashi one* and know nothing anymore, maybe it was my fault to be too much involving in it.. or sth like this...but slowly by slowly I wanna be in it again.. but I hope I will not feel lonely or stranger in it anymore or sth...we will see...

so I have been updated my sakuraiba fic already, you can go and check on it^^...

any of my old friend who want to talk to me or sth, you can do so^^; or new ones *lol*

soooo anything interested in the fandom? *since I know nothing in it at all atm*

02 January 2014 @ 01:02 pm
First on all I feel bad that I did do my promise and update my fic...although I finish writing it...I just not in my country and dont have the time and sometimes the internet to do so..

I am in Europe atm...was in germany and now in vienna but will fly to dubai late tonight!!! I miss my country a lil but still I wanted to stay long in Germany...

So yup I am still alive and sound

Happy New year to all of you
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04 December 2013 @ 10:41 am
hi girls *hides*

finally I am here again!! >.<

the stupid LJ was playing around with me...I couldn't post my fic for weeks...and also I couldn't write on my other fic...I am sorry my co-writer for that...*feel so down and bad*

I am at work atm...when I be home I will see about it and try to post or sth....

18 October 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Hi F-list

I didn't post anything here for more than a month and I just realized it....sorry... I am just in a mess and wanted to be 'alone' a lil bit...but here I am again^^

- recently I started to watch animes, and starting from this fall I started to watch the new fall anime, I wanna put them in a list

which animes I am watchingCollapse )

and from drama, I didn't look much at them but I only watched kimura's new drama first ep!!! I liked it *nods*

on Arashi's hand....I am soooo not up-to-date... I didn't watch anything from them lately... or even read any fanfics....

-so I need to see what is the dramas for this season and watch HIMYM and CM season 9 and see if their any good new American drama XDDD

it seem I want just to busy my day so I don't think much about life....also I am drawing lately again^^

so... I think that is it.....ja ne~~~~~ bis später 
14 September 2013 @ 10:41 pm
Day 5: Favorite Titan Shifter

day 5Collapse )